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Beauty | Hairstyle with headband

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Hey guys! Happy Friday!
This time it’s something bit different from me, I’m trying out new hairstyles. I’m always rocking my hair in a bun or I just let it loose! I felt inspired by this whole boho trend recently that I wanted to try something fun with my hairstyle. It’s really challenging for me styling my hair with hair accessories. So I ordered this GOLD LEAVES HEADBAND from an online store that you can check out right here LOVELYWHOLESALE.COM. I talked all about them in my two previous post. I really wanna try experimenting bit more with my hair, and try changing up my hairstyle once in a while 😉 I wanna apologize for my roots that are waiting for me to take care of them, he he. I just didn’t have time to refresh my hair, but also I been meaning to change my hair color for fall a little bit. Any suggestions!!!?
Wishing you a fabulous weekend!
Stay inspired…

Headband: lovelywholesale.com (HERE) | Sunglasses: lovelywholesale.com (HERE)

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