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Beauty | Make up inspired by…

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Cara Delevingne!
Hey guys, how was your week!? I was practicing my make up skills for a bit 😉 and I found this make up look that really inspired me to try it on. The thing is when ever I do make up on myself I always let the focus be on my eyes or my lips, but never both. It’s just to bold for me, but I still wanted to play around. Not by any means do I think I look like her or anything, I mean c’mon she is stunning and such a fun person 😉 I just tried to recreate this make up cause I wanted to see if it could look good on someone who has totally different face structure, so I adjusted it and tweaked it a little bit and I think I made it work. I think any one could pull off a look like this with some adjustments to it’s face and eyes shape!!!
You don’t actually need a professional make up, just black eyeliner, brown eye shadow and red or orange lipstick, well of course and a foundation of you choice. And please don’t mind my hair it was just not cooperating with me 🙂
I hope I did inspired you to try something you haven’t tried out yet or just made you practice a little bit 😉 Do tell me if you like posts like this, maybe I could do some more in the future!
Talk to you on Monday…

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