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Beauty | Mini beauty haul

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Hey guys!
Here is a mini beauty haul! These are the things that I bought at international fair of cosmetics. Like I already said I didn’t go crazy buying cause the prices were like in stores. I actually bought just what I really needed, things that I used up. 
I needed new lip pencils in nude and red. I found Classics waterproof lip liner in number 318 (red color) and in number 305 (mauve color). I did the swatches for you so you can see how the color really looks like. I rarely wear red lipsticks but I decided to wear it this fall, only that the mauve color looks more nude on me, but I really love it, so does my hubby 😉

I also bought eyebrow pencils that I needed, I used up all of my pencils cause I do my eyebrows every single day! I didn’t know what color would suit me better now that I changed my hair color and added some highlights. 
That’s why I bought darker and lighter shades of brown. They are also Classics eyebrow pencils in number 406 (warm brown) and in number 402 (ashy brown). I’m wearing darker shade in photos, it looks really natural that I’m a fan of!!!

I own Peggy Sage Paris individual false eyelashes that are so easy to put on and look really natural. This time I wanted to try Ardell natural invisi bands wispies in black. I still haven’t tried them, but I saw so many positive reviews about them that I know they will look gorgeous 😉 

I found this hair mask for dull and damaged hair that I need right now since I dyed my hair (with bleach). It’s a hair treatment with Argan oil and the packaging contains 1000 ml that’s a lot of product and it will last me for a long time, and I payed it only $3 (what a still right)!!!

And last but not least some nail goodies. I do my nails on my own, they are gel nails and I always like to play with them and make them fun! 
I got these stamping nail colors in white and black with stumping plates and I can’t wait to try them all!!!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this mini beauty haul! 
Tell me what beauty products are you most excited about when buying – make up, hair products or nail goodies!!!?

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