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Beauty | Nude nails

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Hey loves! Happy Sunday!
Hope you’re all having great weekend so far!
It’s time for my nails update! Lets just say I’m back to basics! I’ve changed the shape of them to rounder more oval shape and gone completely neutral or shall I say nude 😉 I got bit tired of the square shape, this one is more gentle on my hand I think. I got this new nail polish from Flormar Supermatte in color M124, so I wanted to test it out. It really dries quickly but it’s not as opaque color as I thought it would be, it’s more on a sheer side, I would need minimum three coats to make it look like the color in the bottle. And I don’t have time to wait for three coats to dry 🙂 So I did two coats and it’s still pretty and it looks more natural.
Do you guys have a favorite nude color polish that you would recommend!?

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