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Beauty | Ombre nails

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Hey loves! How are you all!?
I’m doing another beauty related post! Honestly it’s so so cold outside that I just don’t know how to take photos outside that are representable, cause only thing that you’ll be able to see are my eyes, everything else is absolutely covered up 😉 !!! And I’m not a big fan of inside photo shoot just because I don’t have right tools for that! So I turned to beauty, that I actually really do love as much as fashion. This time my nails are winter inspired, white and blue ombre nails. It’s bit messy to do but easy. I couldn’t be bothered to add some kind of design, I’m not feeling to well, I think I’m catching a cold ;/ but I’m leaving a link to my blog post where I explained how you can do ombre nails easy and mess free HERE along with some other nail hacks!!!

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