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Beauty | Red nails

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Hey guys! Happy Monday!
Did you miss me!? 😉 Last week has been bit hectic for me. I had to get up at 5 am go to work and directly after that attend a seminar till 7 pm, even on a weekend!!! So you can imagine how tired I was and how little time I had for anything else in my life, including my husband. No time to properly eat, no time to sleep and no time to think about blogging and posting 🙁 So I hope you understand why I was bit MIA!!! 
I came back with my updated nails. Since I didn’t have time to take any ootd posts and I did have time at least to do my nails. This time I painted them classic red since they are short, with a little white details on one finger. You know me, quick and easy nail art is my go to.
Little inspiration for you guys and stay tuned, this week I’m definitely back in business 😉 🙂

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