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Beauty trend | Double dutch braid

Hey you darlings! How was your week!?
Can’t believe it’s Friday YaY!!! Tonight we are going on a little weekend getaway to Budapest! I’m so exited I can’t wait. Stay tuned for that!
Anyway I wanna talk about a beauty trend (hair trend) that’s so huge right now, and I guess everyone saw it and tried it by now 😉 Famous double dutch braid! Kim Kardashian West started this massive trend by posting a photo of her and her little daughter both wearing this hairstyle. So now everyone is rocking it, from bloggers, models on editorials, other celebrities, and all the other girls with hair on their heads, he he. Kim is naturally taking it to another level, styling her platinum hair (wig) like it, making four dutch braids and well who knows whats next, cause lets face it what ever she is going to do next is gonna be a next huge trend!
What do you guys say!? Have you tried it already, do you like it?!

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