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Beauty trend | Lip plumper tool/Lip enhancer

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Hey loves! Happy Friday!!!
Ok I just need to talk about this trend right now!!! Everyone is trying to get those full Kylie Jenner lips!!! It’s such a huge trend right now, so naturally there are so many ways out there to actually do that! I found this form of plumping your lips that’s among most popular ones, all the youtubers have tested it. You can go to youtube and check out how it works for yourself. I just find it really interesting how people think of these things. It looks so silly 😉 but I guess it works. I suppose the only thing you need to do is to suck the plumper for a while, start with less that do it longer, and do not do it hard so you don’t make a bruise. That’s it, it should last up to couple of hours, so if you have an event or something where you wanna look extra sexy maybe this is a tool for you. And now thinking about it, it looks really easy to DIY it and make one of your own, hm 🙂 I’m gonna get back to you about that.
I’m really curious guys have you heard or tried any of these lip plumpers/enhancers for yourself!!? Or would you try it!?? Tel me in the comments below.

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