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Beauty | White stiletto nails with dots

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Hey guys!
Happy Friday!
It’s time for my nails 😉 This week was all about pampering myself, did my hair, did my nails, went shopping, just spent some time and some money on myself 😉 Today is actually my mommy’s birthday, so I had to freshen up a little bit as we are having a little family gathering. As you might have noticed already this sweater that I styled in one of my previous posts here – outfit | colorful was an inspiration for my nail design. I really liked white in a combinations with some colorful dots, so I think it came out pretty fun and interesting. I kept them long, I just feel like this stiletto shape is more flattering on me 😉 You could easily do this kind of nail art on short and square nails as well.
Well I hope this was bit inspirational for you…
Have a great weekend!

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