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Black and white hoodie



Winter is really taking it’s toll! And I’m not looking forward to it what so ever. Don’t get me wrong, yes winter has it’s perks and some magic, especially around the holidays and when it starts snowing, but I just can’t handle the cold. Can I have just one new years in a warmer climate please ?
It’s advised to dress according to the weather so here I am in a warm puffer jacket and some boots. It was not freezing cold hence me being unzipped. I’m rocking kinda sporty look matching this BLACK and WHITE HOODIE with black sweatpants. I was thinking of paring white sneakers with this combo but I thought it would be to cold for my little feet, especially here by the river side. This way I was still comfortable and warm at the same time.
How do you guys feel about the winter!? Are you one of those lucky ones that live in tropical climate?!










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