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Japansko iscrtavanje obrva – moje iskustvo

Od svih beauty trendova mislim da su obrve te koje su prošle najveću transformaciju odnosno evoluciju tokom godina. Kao dete 90-tih sećam se kako su u srednjoj školi bile popularne tanke obrve tzv. spermatozoid obrve, sve smo čupale obrve, nekome su se vratile, nekome nikad nisu. Ja inače imam jako retke i tanke obrve, na slikama nevidljive, možete zamisliti na …

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Latest beauty trend – brow lamination

The pursuit of thick bushy eyebrows is real, especially for those lacking in that department. Brow treatments available for us now are – threading, tinting and microblading that can make up for lack of hairs, shape and color. However nothing has offered us that fashionable feathery look that we’ve seen so often in editorial shoots and on the runway – …

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Easy solution for men’s hair loss

Men normally lose their hair when three main factors interact: genetics, age, hormones. These factors contribute to the gradual shrinkage of the tiny cavities in the skin at the base of hairs, known as scalp hair follicles. Hair grows progressively shorter and finer until no new hairs grow. Most white men develop some degree of baldness, according to their age and genetic …

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Addcolo | Hair extensions 101 (explained)

  Different Types of Hair Extensions Explained   If you are like the majority of people, you probably aren’t boasting “movie star” locks with volume for miles. Fortunately though, beauty science has come up with a varied selection of hair extensions for more than a decade and now you can opt for fuller and longer hair with just a trip …

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make up for glasses
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Beauty | Baddie makeup tips for glasses

  You know how much beside fashion I love makeup too!!! Sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting that part of my passion, but now that I have little bit more time on my hands I’ll gonna try and do both fashion and beauty posts. So that being said, I’m playing with another makeup look today. This time I wanted to …

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green and purple makeup
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Beauty | Green and purple makeup look for nighttime

  Remember how I told you I’ll show you how to transition this look here Beauty | Green and purple makeup look for daytime to a nighttime look. Well here it is as a promised with just a few simple changes you can make your daytime look into a nighttime party make up look. I didn’t do anything to the eyeshadow part …

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green and purple makeup for day
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Beauty | Green and purple makeup look for daytime

  Since I was giving you some inspiration what to wear on Valentines day here Gamiss Valentine’s day big promotion I thought why not inspire your make up look as well. I wanted something not so everyday so I played with some colors and came up with this combo. I really like purple color for my eye color but it looks amazing …

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Outfit | Holiday party look and make up 2

  Being elegant and chic is not my strongest side, you all know I’m all about that effortless casual vibe, but sometimes I just feel like dressing up and being feminine for a change ? What is more elegant and feminine than a lovely MESH EMBROIDERED DRESS! It’s sheer, long and it’s has these beautiful flower and butterfly embroidered details, what …

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Outfit | Holiday party look and make up 1

  Still in a festive mood ? and since outside is 10 below zero I really didn’t feel like getting out  and making these photos outside for you. But we did try our best to make shooting indoors presentable! After all it’s festive – party season so we’ll all gonna be indoors anyways celebrating and drinking ? I did continue …

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Beauty | Instant ombre hair (clip in hair extensions)

  You know how your hairstyle depends on your mood, well at least in my case it does ? Sometimes we just need a change, we cut it, color it, straighten it, curl it, but most importantly all that leads us to damaging it!!! So next time when you are feeling adventurous try a different approach – OMBRE CLIP IN …

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