halloween sugar skull
BEAUTY choker dia de los muertos halloween make up artist make up for halloween red blood choker sponsored sugar skull

Halloween | Sugar skull make up and blood choker

  I’m still pretty right?! ha ha ha… Honestly I never did Halloween make up or costume since we don’t celebrate it in my country, so this is my first time trying!!! I was inspired with so many make up artists that actually did the sugar skull make up for Halloween so I wanted to try it for myself. And …

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BEAUTY beauty and make up bornprettystore.com make up brush set review sponsored

Beauty | 20 pcs professional make up brush set (review)

“There are no rules where one type of brush is specific to one area,” says makeup pro Nina Park who works with Bella Hadid and Olivia Palermo. “If you wash and care for your brushes they will last a lifetime,” explains makeup artist Robert Sesneck, who counts Amandla Stenberg, Keirnan Shipka, and Chrissy Teigan as clients. Sesnick washes delicate bristles with Johnson’s baby shampoo. So guys …

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BEAUTY braids celebrity hairstyle double dutch braid hair trend TREND

Beauty trend | Double dutch braid

Hey you darlings! How was your week!? Can’t believe it’s Friday YaY!!! Tonight we are going on a little weekend getaway to Budapest! I’m so exited I can’t wait. Stay tuned for that! Anyway I wanna talk about a beauty trend (hair trend) that’s so huge right now, and I guess everyone saw it and tried it by now πŸ˜‰ Famous …

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BEAUTY diy nails glitter nails nail art nail design nails natural nails nude nails nude nails with dots

Beauty | Nude nails with glitter and dots

Hey loves! Here I am with another beauty post for you! My updated nails are here πŸ˜‰ This time I had a little bit more time and inspiration to do them! Started with painting them nude and then decided to add some black dots using a dotting tool and added some gold glitter using a sponge technique cause you get …

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BEAUTY diy nails nail art nail design nails natural nails ombre nails short nails

Beauty | Ombre nails

Hey loves! How are you all!? I’m doing another beauty related post! Honestly it’s so so cold outside that I just don’t know how to take photos outside that are representable, cause only thing that you’ll be able to see are my eyes, everything else is absolutely covered up πŸ˜‰ !!! And I’m not a big fan of inside photo …

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BEAUTY cheap human hair extensions clip on/in hair extension hair extensions mofain.com review sponsored

Beauty | Mofain hair extensions

  Hey guys! Happy Monday!!! Here I am doing another beauty review for you guys, and it’s gonna be all about hair extensions, and not any hair extensions butΒ MOFAIN.COM HAIR EXTENSIONS. Mofain.com is an online store that sells 100% human hair products (hair wefts, hair extensions, wigs, hair tools and accessories…) They aspire to become the best hair products online …

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BEAUTY blue nails nail art nail design nail polish nails nude nails striped nails

Beauty | Nude and blue striped nails

Hello loves! Are you having a fab week so fab?! πŸ˜‰ Well I do hope you are!!! I grabbed some time over the weekend to do my nails. I didn’t touch them for two weeks straight πŸ˜‰ I was just to lazy. But now that I did them I really took the time and did them patiently. Not that you …

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