BEAUTY diy nails gel nails nail art nail design orange nails with rhinestones spring nails

Beauty | Orange nails

As you can see my nails are done!!! 😉 This time it’s all about bright spring colors, and what’s better than orange right!? I had this little chicken that I got for Easter and I just had to incorporate him in this post, we are so matchy matchy!!! I did added some rhinestones as well just for details. Changed the …

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BEAUTY diy nails gel nails nail art nail design nails stiletto nails with colorful polka dots white stiletto nails

Beauty | White stiletto nails with dots

Hey guys! Happy Friday! It’s time for my nails 😉 This week was all about pampering myself, did my hair, did my nails, went shopping, just spent some time and some money on myself 😉 Today is actually my mommy’s birthday, so I had to freshen up a little bit as we are having a little family gathering. As you …

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BEAUTY diy nails gel nails nail art nail design nails nude stiletto nails with rhinestones stiletto nails

Beauty | Nude nails with rhinestones

Hey guys!!! Happy Friday! It’s time to update you on my nails 😉 It’s has been such a relief for me having gel nails for a while now. I don’t have to think about doing my nails every five days, don’t have to worry if they are chipped or not, or if one of them broke or something. All of …

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BEAUTY black and gold metallic tattoo on hand black and gold nails diy nails flash tattoo gel nails metallic gold silver flash tattoo trend nails nails with round studs

Beauty | Black and gold nails

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!! Hope you had a lovely week and that you are ready for the weekend!!! It’s time for my nails! I seen that everyone is having their nails done for Valentines, tone of inspiration everywhere, hearts, pinks and reds… well I’m actually not gonna be that girly girl, sorry 😉 My nails are total opposite – black, …

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BEAUTY blue ombre nails cherry blossom nails diy nails gel nails nail art nail design nails ombre nails

Beauty | Blue ombre nails

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!! It’s time for my nails. Changed the shape again 😉 This time it’s nude and blue ombre combo! I really like the ombre effect, I had it on my hair when I first started this blog as some of you remember 😉 I would love to get my hair ombre again, but for now it’s gonna …

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BEAUTY circle design on nails festive nails gel nails nail art nail design silver and black stiletto nails stiletto nails

Beauty | Silver and black nails

Hey you! Happy Friday!!! 😉 Time for a new manicure!!! I don’t know what is it about the silver color but it’s just so festive to me, so I had to figure out some nail design including sparkly silver and black. Like with clothes for me same goes for my nails – you can’t never go wrong with black 🙂  …

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