black flip flops black studded clutch grey shorts overall romper new yorker black crop top ombre hair OUTFIT styling overalls and crop top trend overalls

Outfit | Overall overload

Hey you! It was a lovely day for a walk or so we thought. Half way it became windy and so cold, and I was bare footed and wearing a little black crop top underneath this grey overall 😉 so you can imagine how fast we came back home! At least we took some photos first. Loving the overall trend …

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aldo black sneakers aviator sunglasses black tote bag new yorker black crop top OUTFIT terranova black floral baggy pants

Outfit | Floral pants

Lovely Sunday! They say that the weather is going to change again and it’s gonna get cold and rainy again 🙁 I hate that, I can’t wait for summer to come! So we are enjoying these sunny days outside and spending time with family! I took out for a walk my new black floral baggy pants from Terranova, flowers for …

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