BEAUTY cheap human hair extensions clip on/in hair extension ombre hair sponsored

Beauty | Instant ombre hair (clip in hair extensions)

  You know how your hairstyle depends on your mood, well at least in my case it does ? Sometimes we just need a change, we cut it, color it, straighten it, curl it, but most importantly all that leads us to damaging it!!! So next time when you are feeling adventurous try a different approach – OMBRE CLIP IN …

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beige wedge sandals black studded clutch casual look ombre hair OUTFIT tally weijl leopard print skirt terranova white tee with a print

Outfit | Leopard print

 Happy Monday! Finally a beautiful weather outside, that makes me happy 😉 We are actually planing our vacation, so we were in a couple of agencies to see the offer, but still haven’t decided were to! I wore leopard print skirt from Tally Weijl and simple white tee with a print from Terranova.  I did wore beige wedge sandals just …

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black flip flops black studded clutch grey shorts overall romper new yorker black crop top ombre hair OUTFIT styling overalls and crop top trend overalls

Outfit | Overall overload

Hey you! It was a lovely day for a walk or so we thought. Half way it became windy and so cold, and I was bare footed and wearing a little black crop top underneath this grey overall 😉 so you can imagine how fast we came back home! At least we took some photos first. Loving the overall trend …

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BEAUTY black winged eyeliner make up inspiration for spring and summer mint green and pink make up for spring ombre hair ombre pink lips pink blush and pink lips plum purple eye shadow

Beauty | Ombre lips

Happy Friday guys! Well continuing with my make up inspiration. It’s Friday so maybe someone is going on a night out 😉 and needs some inspiration how to do make up, I know I’m not going anywhere 🙂  This ombre trend is everywhere – hair, nails, make up… So I played with pink ombre lips and staying in that color …

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black blazer black fringe sandals olive green cargo pants ombre hair orange tank top with mickey mouse print OUTFIT

Outfit | Olive and orange

Hello lovely readers! Bringing you my outfit of the day today 😉 Now that I think about it, olive green use to be my favorite color to wear, but not any more, so I do have few things in olive green, like these cargo pants. I decided to pare them with more fun bright color like orange, and this tank top …

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animal print crop top black maxi skirt black studded clutch crop top bustier ombre hair OUTFIT tan boots

Outfit | Black maxi skirt & bustier crop top

Hey guys! Here I’m styling my black maxi skirt. I actually rarely wear maxi skirts cause I’m petite and I find them hard to style without looking even more petite, but who cares, I love them, so I’m wearing them 😉 I’m planing to get another one in some bright fun color for summer! Styling it with my bustier crop …

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BEAUTY color your hear with eyeshadow fun hairstyle ombre hair ombre pink hair

Ombre pink hair don’t care

Ok this is me having fun, nothing else. I wanted to try some crazy fun colors on my ombre hair for a longest time, but I’m just not brave enough. So I was browsing through internet and found this technique of coloring your hair with eyeshadows!!! I thought that so cool, it’s not permanent, it’s not damaging to your hair, and it’s a great way to …

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black heels black pumps black tights fashion blog fashion blogger ombre hair OUTFIT party look tunic dress

Party look II

As I promised, second party look of the weekend. I wanted to dress up a little bit, but also wanted  to be comfortable, so I chose this tunic dress. I pared it with black tights and black heels, simple right! So here is my party outfit. And if you wanna see my previous party look just click Party look I  …

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black coat fashion blog fashion blogger knit scarf leg warmers ombre hair OOTD OUTFIT over the knee boots tan bag tote bag white knit dress

Outfit | Sunday stroll

Another stroll in a park, another beautiful day 🙂 It’s cold outside but it’s sunny and that makes me happy. I’m one of those people who get totally unmotivated and lazy when the weather is dark, cold and cloudy! So hubby and I decided to take advantage of this day. I wore my knit sweater dress in white and pared …

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animal print skirt black coat fashion blog fashion blogger mustard scarf ombre hair OOTD OUTFIT over the knee boots tan bag tote bag

Outfit | Love mustard (yellow)

Today was such a beautiful day. Sun was shining, it was not that cold, just perfect for a walk and a photo shoot. I went with my hubby for a walk by the river. He is finally on a vacation and has time to take photos of my OOTD for me yeah!!! Finally someone can help me take photos outside. …

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