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Beauty | Ombre nails

Hey loves! How are you all!? I’m doing another beauty related post! Honestly it’s so so cold outside that I just don’t know how to take photos outside that are representable, cause only thing that you’ll be able to see are my eyes, everything else is absolutely covered up 😉 !!! And I’m not a big fan of inside photo …

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Beauty | 3 nail hacks you need to know

Yay for the weekend!!! I have a little weekend beauty talk for you guys!!! It’s gonna be all about the nails!!! I’m doing my nails every week since I have them natural again so I have 3 nail hacks for you guys that you need to know and that will make your life easier I promise 😉 1. No more …

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Beauty | Blue ombre nails

Hey guys! Happy Friday!!! It’s time for my nails. Changed the shape again 😉 This time it’s nude and blue ombre combo! I really like the ombre effect, I had it on my hair when I first started this blog as some of you remember 😉 I would love to get my hair ombre again, but for now it’s gonna …

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