acid wash ripped jeans celine inspired knockoff beige boston tote bag neutrals nude color body suit OUTFIT sandals with rhinestones white embroidered lace crochet top/shirt/vest

Outfit | Neutrals

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you did enjoy your weekend! I’m so happy that the summer is officially here. It’s my favorite time of the year. I just love warm weather and long days. I feel like I have more energy in summer and with more energy more inspiration comes. I’m just one of those people who love to create and …

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floral print dress gold clutch gold layered necklace OUTFIT purple blazer sandals with rhinestones wedding outfit

Outfit | Wedding guest

Happy Monday!!! I’m writing this post really late. Just got back from the Sunday wedding party, I’m pretty tired, and I didn’t even danced 😉  I just had a headache the whole day, it’s probably just me and my period days (sorry for the TMI) Anyway we had a great time, the weather was amazing, the atmosphere, the music… just …

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