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Christmas shopping guide

Christmas is coming guys!!! Are you exited!!!?
Who doesn’t love Christmas shopping right! Whether you are buying gifts for yourself or for someone you love, it’s always a lot of fun !!! Especially with all these discounts 😉
I still haven’t decided what am I going to wear on a Christmas eve, but I do have some ideas and inspirations for you guys!
– you can always wear a dress, it can be classy and chic or it can be fan and casual (this is more for me cause I’m gonna be spending time with family and that includes kids = messy 😉
– you can opt for a cute sweater over your dress, or even with some skirt or jeans. The other sweater option is that “ugly” Christmas sweater, that’s always fan!!!
– maybe you just wanna be warm and cozy, so a great option would be an oversize or fluffy cardigan that you can snuggle in while watching favorite shows.
– for those who are going somewhere on Christmas and wanna look cute or chic, throw on a lovely coat or even better trendy fur jacket and off you go.
– last but not least, don’t forget to accessorize, whether you wanna be casual or elegant, accessories are the key to any look, so wear your favorite statement piece – bag, necklace, par of earrings, a lovely hat, something that makes you stand out and most important ENJOY!!!
Do you like Christmas shopping for yourself and for your loved ones! Or maybe you are more about gifting something personal that you made on your own!!!?

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