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Cropped sweatshirt and jeans



Can I be more casual?!! I don’t think so ? this kinda look is ME, don’t get me wrong this is not “I don’t give a f**k look” it’s just me being me. Do you have that kinda go to style that feels and looks so comfortable and put together to you and to no one else – cause seriously no one would take me serious in this outfit!!!
I recently got these white Converse sneakers, I already have them in white with low top but these are high top ones – so totally different story right!? Ha ha no just kidding they are practically same sneaker and I style them pretty much the same, the thing is that I got these in an outlet store for not even $10 cause one of them is slightly more yellow (that you can’t really see when they are on my feet). What can I say but how much I love when I score a piece like that ?   
I don’t really have many sweatshirts in my wardrobe, well at least not white ones. I wanted to style white with white to make the look brighter since I usually gravitate towards black or grey. So this CROPPED SWEATSHIRT was a fun option for me, it’s cropped and it’s printed just enough. 
Is there a too casual style that you guys wouldn’t be caught dead in outside of the house!?








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  1. WOW! I love the ripped jeans with the sheer tights!

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