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diy bag with patches easy

It’s been a while since my last DIY it’s not that I haven’t been inspired to do one it’s just that I didn’t have time for it. But here I’m again with a new easy DIY making bag with patches that is quite popular right now, or shall I say patches on anything and everything are so trendy right now!!!
For this simple DIY project you’ll need:
1. Bag (of your choice)
2. Patches (of your choice – I got mine out of eBay, they came in a pack of five – HERE)
3. Glue (I used e6000 but these patches are iron on patches so you can use your iron as well)
You really do need just these things. First you should probably clean your bag with a damp cloth if it’s an old one. Second step is to lay down the patches on a bag in a pattern you like and glue them on. If you are using iron on patches you can use your iron, but I recommend you to use thin cotton cloth between patches and iron so you wouldn’t ruin your bag!!! Also an option is to sew them on, but that would just take more of your time.. I used glue cause I thought it would be more secure but it’s really up to you!!!
That is it guys easy peasy, you can have a trendy bag in minutes without spending a lot of money!!!
Tell me how do you like this DIY?!

clutch bag


bag with patches

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