DIY DIY chain cut boots zara chain boots

DIY | Chain boots

DIY, DIY chain cut boots, zara chain boots
Yay for DIY!!! 😉
I know I’m bit late with whole this chain boots trend but I couldn’t help it! Honestly I wanted to do a DIY on cut out boots, but I totally turn the idea around and end up with this 🙂 It’s actually pretty easy, but I guess it depends on what style of boots you own and wanna DIY.
Here’s what you need – scissors for cutting the boots (optional, my were to tall), chain (any kind that you prefer, maybe even from an old necklace) and pliers (to open and close the chain). 
Well depending on a style of your boots maybe you wan’t have where to hook the chain on Like I did so your option is sewing of gluing the chain on or both for extra security!!!

DIY, DIY chain cut boots, zara chain boots

Hope you like the end result and I hope I inspired you to do something fun!
Good luck guys!

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