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DIY | Floral bomber jacket

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Hey guys!
I have a fun weekend DIY project for you!
I have a simple grey bomber jacket in my closet for a while now and I don’t wear it. So I decided to do something about it. I’ve seen some lovely floral bomber jackets and decided to make one!!!
All you need is:
– old bomber jacket
– flower pattern (I have one for you below)
– scissors (to cut the flower pattern)
– acrylic paint and bushes

You begin by taking your flower pattern and cut it out. Put your flower pattern on a desired place or multiple places on your jacket. Outline the pattern with a pen and then use the acrylic paint of your color choice and fill in the outline. All is left to do is to use smaller paint brush to paint the details of the flower and you’re done. You can use a simpler flower to paint on 😉 like a daisy or you can paint it free handed if you like!
If you are wondering about how to make the acrylics stay on your clothes read my previous DIY project diy | from boyfriends tee to trendy tee
Hope it inspires you!!!

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