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DIY | From skirt to dress

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This is definitely a month of DIYs for me!!! I guess that this lovely weather has inspired me 😉
Here is another easy DIY or just an inspiration for you guys!
All you need is a midi or long skirt, acrylic paint and brushes and scissors.
It’s easy cause you can paint what ever you feel like it, and it doesn’t have to be perfect or you don’t need to paint nothing at all, you can just make a dress of an old skirt – cut the armholes with scissors in place where your hips would be in a skirt!!! And that’s it!
I played with mine a bit more, I wanted to paint something bright and fun for summer. This skirt was midi length,  so it was not really flattering on me 😉 so I made it into a dress, but if your skirt is short you can make a top out of it. Cool right! 
Let me know if you like this DIY, and please do let me know if you try it, or if it inspires you to make something awesome 😉 

For the details how to use acrylic paint on a fabric please go to my other DIY links:
Have fun!
And stay tuned, I’ll be styling it in one of the future posts!!!

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