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DIY | Knotted silk cord bracelet

diy knotted silk cord bracelet,

Hola amores!
I’m back with a little DIY project for you guys! The online store was kind enough to send me some materials for this project of mine 😉 As you can see I made this simple knotted silk cord bracelet. I have to say that this is not my original idea, I found an inspiration online and I’ll leave you the link of the step by step tutorial at the end. I’m just gonna talk about what you’ll need and where to find it! So keep reading…

All you need is: 

1. Silk cord (approximately 20 inches long – that’s 0,5 m, and the ones I used you can find here – silk cord in any color of your choice)
2. Two silver ribbon crimp ends (you can find similar on this link jewelery-findings )
3. Needle nose pliers 
4. Lobster clasp and two jump rings
5. Glue (I used E6000)
6. Scissors 

I know it kinda looks complicated but trust me it’s really not. The one thing that is kinda difficult is to made the knot but everything else is easy peasy 🙂 But you can always make your own design! So when you make the knot ( instructions HERE ) cut the cord according to your wrist size and glue the ends together on each side so they would not unravel, put the crimp ends on the each side of the cord and add jump rings with lobster clasp. That is it, you can see how mine turned out and I’m not some kind of an expert. Try and let me know how it goes!!!

Happy DIY-ing!!!

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