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DIY | Lace up sandals (EASY)

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Hello loves!
It has been ages since I’ve done a DIY here on my blog. I have done some little projects here and there but haven’t posted anything. But I feel like this DIY would be interesting for you guys since lace up sandals and lace up shoes are so trendy right now. So if you wanna learn how you can make them on your own EASY keep reading 🙂

All you need is following:
1. Shoes of your choice (heels or flats)
2. Leather cord4 m (160 inches) preferably in a color of you shoes (I got mine from a site that has largest choice of leather cords and leather laces)
3. Hole puncher (you can use the one for belts, but paper puncher would do the job too)
4. Scissors (to cut the cord)
5. Pen or a marker (to mark where your holes are going to be)
First thing you wanna do is mark where your holes are going to be. You can make them as far or as close apart as you wish. I made 4 holes on each side 2 cm apart. Then you make the holes with your hole puncher as wide as your laces are so they would easily go through. The only thing left is to lace them up and you’re done. I’m so happy that I found leather cord that is in an exact same color as my shoes – coral red (HERE). It’s really a rare color to find, and this site had it, I’m telling you they have everything 😉 not only leather laces and cords but jewelry cords and findings as well. So for those DIY junkies like me it’s a perfect spot to shop. I did got 4 m of leather cord (2 m for each shoe) cause I wanted them to wrap around my legs as well, but you can always cut them if you feel it’s to long for your taste.
Hope you find this little DIY interesting and helpful. If it does inspires you to do something similar please do let me know 😉 Happy DIY-ing!!! 

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