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How to always look classy & chic

white shirt

How to dress classy, elegant and expensive without spending a fortune or as they popularly say – on a budget! The idea of being more stylish just because you spent more money is nonsense, I don’t agree with that at all. I buy lot of my clothes from the high street and I think there is a certain way of styling them to make them look more expensive than they are, cause really it’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how you wear it that counts.

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First up we are going to look at accessories because I think this is the area where lot of people go wrong before they even started. For me if you wanna look classy and elegant LESS IS definitely MORE. I would say go minimal on accessories, even if you happen to have a ring that costs $2000 just wear the ring, don’t wear the necklace, the earrings and the watch all at the same time. Strip it all back and just choose a few delicate pieces to make the look. Invest in a good quality watch, some classic “diamond” stud earrings, dainty silver or gold necklaces. Keep it simple, keep it classic and you will instantly look more elegant.

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I think adding a beautiful tailored coat or a blazer to any outfit suddenly elevates the look so much and instantly makes you look more elegant and chic. I think it’s worth investing in higher ends of the high street when it comes to coats, blazers, pants… the thing to look out for is the cut. You want something quite tailored and structured, it’s gonna be timeless, it’s gonna be in your wardrobe for years. Keep an eye on the fabric that adds texture to it, buttons (change them if they are cheap looking), look at the lining and keep the colors neutral (black, white, cream, light pink, light blue, grey..) cause all of this together ends up making it look more expensive than it actually was. Also make sure it’s always clean and pressed.

chic style


The trick to look more elegant and classy is to go for structured handbag, rather then anything to slouchy or bohemian. Don’t get me wrong I love bohemian but if I’m trying to go for that clever look I’ll go for a structured bag. You want it in a slightly stiffer fabric or leather (if you wear leather) so it would not crease. It should be simple and in a classic shape.

white shirt


When it comes to dresses there are two categories:

  1. Flowy dresses – midi length is really elegant, when it drapes beautifully over your hips and has slight flow when you walk, it looks so elegant and pretty. When it comes to colors, go for soft neutrals, like soft pink, soft blue, soft browns… it makes it look more expensive that it actually is.
  2. Classic dresses – structured classy elegant kind of lines in black or navy or of course neutral. But always always find the perfect fit for your shape.

The easiest and probably the well known way to look classy and elegant is to wear white. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it works, trust me. I love white, particularly in summer, makes the look crisp and clean and it instantly makes you look more elegant. One more tip when it comes to white shirts or shirts in general is to always tuck in your shirt, it makes the world of a difference.

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Another trick would be to look at the details like sims of the item you’re buying. If they’ve done a french sim you know a little bit more time has gone into making it, so everything sits properly. Maybe look for the details like embroidery or maybe different fabrics that add texture to a piece, contrasting materials…

Try adding a belt to add more shape to your look, to create that hour glass figure and to avoid looking boxy.

Statement sunglasses are one more detail that plays a big part of your look, it so easily elevates the look. Always go for a shape that fits your face, and go for a classic shaped ones, noting crazy trendy. It will also help you hide a no make up face or tired face when you just didn’t have time for a full face glam.

Pointy shoes instead of any other shape. Why? It’s such a timeless shape and adds up class to any look. Even if you are wearing jeans and you add a good sling back pointy sandal, you instantly look like you made an effort to look chic.

  • BEAUTY¬†

This is going to be a must, everything else will not work if you don’t follow these simple rules of a classy lady!!!

  1. Hair – always clean and brushed. If you have extra time go for a simple hairstyle, you have ton of tutorials on youtube for those easy go- to hairstyles.
  2. Nails – clean, shaped not to long, in a neutral shade (if you don’t have time to take care of them go for neutral, it’s less visible when they are chipped), and don’t bite them.
  3. Signature scent – it doesn’t have to be an expensive perfume, you just pick a sent that speaks to you, that makes you feel beautiful, fresh or sexy, and everyone will recognize you for it.
  4. Red lips – well this is by no means a must, but when you are feeling extra, you can’t go wrong with a red lip, but you have to be sure to choose the right shade for your skin tone.
  5. Mind your manners – just be aware of your manners in public, stay classy in every situation.

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Hopefully I’ve given you a bit of inspiration and some tips how I would style my outfits if I was going for that classy, elegant look. If you can afford all designer pieces than go for it, but personally I love mixing and matching few different brands, few different price points and that is my favorite way to dress.

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