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How to stay chic in winter

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Weekend is finally here guys!!!
It’s time for a little weekend fashion talk! You know how when it’s so cold outside you just don’t know what to wear to still look chic or cute! No one sees you between all those layers of clothing! Well I have few suggestions for you 😉 Let talk about accessories!!!
1. You can always throw on an oversize scarf (colorful or in a bright color) or even wear a trendy poncho!!!
2. Wear a cute beanie or a hat. That always makes the look more chic (and hides a bad hair day)
3. Wear a statement bag in some interesting structure or material, or in some bright fun color or print!!!
4. It’s still important how you look when you take of all those layers of clothes so wear a statement necklace underneath your coat! There’s nothing more chic than a bit of bling bling. Speaking of bling…
5. Add a pair of statement earrings! Even if you’re wearing all black, a pair of cute sparkly earrings will make a huge difference!
I’m not saying to wear all these things together though 😉 I mean you can if you wish 🙂
You can find all of these pieces at if you like any of suggestions I made.
Tell me how do you stay chic during cold days!!!?

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