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How to stay warm and look chic in winter

Winter time is coming, and those long cold days are ahead. It seems like we always sacrifice fashion and style to stay warm, or at least it’s a struggle. I know I, most of the times, just wanna roll in a blanket and go out the door, but lets be realistic. Now days when we live in the world of fashion, it’s easier to be chic and stylish no matter the weather.

Luckly variety of  women winter coats are now available at NewChic an online fashion destination that is founded in 2015 and it’s now ranking among the top online shopping sites. They offer a wide range of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories… When it comes to women winter coats everyone can find a piece that suits their own style. You can choose to stay warm in long solid color coats, pattern coats, faux fur jackets and vests, puffer jackets and more. The important thing is to layer up underneath and accessorize with a warm scarf and hat on top of it all.


And most importantly we are talking all shapes and sizes here, no matter the size, you should always try and look chic, cause plus size women’s winter coats are available too, so there is no excuse for not looking stylish and put together. I know it can be difficult sometimes to find a right fit, but play with different cuts, shapes, you will find the perfect one. Like I was saying accessories play an important part here, so beside the scarf and hat, that keep you warm and chic, put a belt on to accentuate your waist and not feel like a big blob of color. If the coat is long, no worries, there is nothing that a good pair of heels (boots) can’t fix. That tip works for plus size and petite fashionistas as well.


I mentioned that you need to layer up underneath it all. Your best friends are tights, leggings, base layers, but since winter season also means festive season and lots of parties and events to go to, you wanna look cute when you take your coats off as well. So I’m suggesting a good shapewear bodysuit that will add an extra layer of warmth but at the same time keep everything in place and make you look seamless in your favorite holiday dress. Especially when you know there is gonna be lot of eating and no one wants that food belly popping out.


What do you guys love wearing the most in winter time, coats, jackets, faux fur, tell me I wanna know your winter chic go-to? Also NewChic is having Newchic Black Friday 2019 deals and Newchic Black Friday 2019 sales that you don’t wanna miss out, just in time to prepare for cold winter and holiday season.

My goal is always to make you experiment with your style, cause fashion is fun, and I don’t want this cold weather to stop you from looking your best. So remember, layers, chic coats and accessories and you are gonna slay this season.

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