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How to style faux fur jacket

how to style faux fur jacket


One of those days when it’s cold and you just wanna bundle yourself up in a blanket but you need to get out and be presentable, well in my opinion, you best friend in that situation is faux fur coat!!! Well I say faux fur cause I don’t rock real fur and leather (also I’m a vegetarian) but it’s your choice. Not only you get to be warm and look put together but you are also so chic, everyone thinks you actually made an effort and thought your outfit through. 
That would be my main tip for you. Another thing that I like is when your fur is colorful or bright, it instantly changes your mood and everyone can see it!!! I know it could be tricky to style a loud colorful piece especially when it’s something that is here for a season or two, so on top of it you need to justify that purchase to yourself, but my trick when wearing colorful or bright piece of clothing is to let it be the center of attention and keep everything else neutral. When it comes to neutrals your best friends are black, white and beige but that does not mean that you can’t play around with colors and color blocking if you feel bold like that!!!
All that being said I also want to include that when wearing faux fur you get into that weird situation of looking bigger than you actually are, and lets face it no one likes that right, so my suggestion would be to wear something tight fitting underneath and balance everything out. Lot of options are there depending on you style – skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings, pencil skirts, bodycon dresses… according to an occasion and the vibe you are going for!!!
I hope I was somewhat helpful if you were struggling how to style faux fur jacket/coat, and of course these are just some of my tips and tricks from my personal experience but feel free to experiment and see what works best for you and your body type!!! 

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