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How to style | Floral dress for winter

how to style floral dress for winter shein

Think this weather changes really effects my mood. I’m just not being my own self lately, I feel like everything goes wrong around me, I’m just overwhelmed!!! To many changes in my life that I can’t cope with, but hey I promise I’ll pull myself up and get back in busyness ?

Talking about cheering myself up – I always go back to my passion and that is fashion. So how about wearing some colors in winter and not only colors but prints as well. How about wearing floral in winter time, why not right!? How to incorporate floral in your winter wardrobe!? I have few tips for you guys especially when it comes to dresses.

? Go for winter floral (That means wear floral print with dark or black background instead of white and bright)
? To keep your self warm wear thermal top and tights underneath (Even two pars of tights if necessary) 
? Wear a coat or a jacket that is in a neutral color like black or tan but you can always opt for a coat that is in one of the colors on your dress (I could go for green or blue coat as well since those are the colors on my dress)
? For those that are more daring and like to follow trends you can always wear pants or jeans under your dress and make an interesting layering (It would be great if the dress is flowy and long and you can always transition it into spring)
? Accessorize with winter accessories for that extra chic touch (hat, beret, beanie, scarf, gloves, what ever you feel comfortable with and keeps you warm at the same time). Warm and chic is the best combo!!!

This  VELVET FLORAL DRESS that I am wearing is from Shein and love the material of it, it’s so soft. Fits perfectly and the floral print is gonna be great for spring as well. 

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