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My paintings | ELEPHANTS (acrylic on canvas)

black white grey painting acrylic on canvas, painting of elephants, separated canvas painting, art,


Hey guys!
Remember how I told you that I switched from oil painting to painting with acrylics on canvas, well this is one of those paintings. I don’t know why but I went with black, white and grey combo for the elephants this time, so unusual for me when it comes to painting, I’m all about the colors 😉 I did them on separated canvas cause it leaves you to choose – is it one elephant or they are a pair?! Anyway this is the first time I put my initials on the painting cause since I got married I just felt weird about that part, it’s still the same me painting but with the different name? I mean what do you do, change your name in every aspect of your life? I guess I’m weird like that, and I’m creating an issue without actually being an issue 😉 or maybe I just need an artistic name, he he!
Hope you like it, enjoy and feel free to see my other work:
Enjoy your weekend! I am doing acrylic painting next so stay tuned!

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