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My paintings | Orchids (acrylic on canvas)

My first painting on canvas after 7 long years. Yes you heard it right 7 years I didn’t paint anything. I remember how I always use to paint something or at least draw on a paper or just doodle and then suddenly nothing, my inspiration was gone, vanished, I didn’t pick up a brush (well except of a make up brush). My life kinda shifted in a different direction far away from my art.


How did this painting came to life?! I have no idea, it just happened, it was as if something inside me shift again, and that feeling, that need to create something to express my feelings came to life. There is actually a little story behind all of this. Night before painting this painting I went on a coffee with some of my old girlfriends. The thing is I haven’t had a coffee in months so when I finally got home and went to bed, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep all night long, it was as if some desire was inside me, desire to create, it kept me restless all night. So as I waited for the sun to come up I got out of my bed, grabbed my canvas and a brush and started painting. I painted and painted until I was done. This technique is a bit different then my other acrylic paintings that you can find hereĀ My paintings | LILY (acrylic on canvas) andĀ My paintings | ELEPHANTS (acrylic on canvas) This is wet on wet technique that I learned watching some youtube videos and wanted to try it out. I really like this type of painting, it’s easy it’s fast and I have done it only with palette knifes (no brushes).


I do hope this inspiration is here to stay, because I totally forgot how it feels like when you see your creation come to life, it’s such a mix of emotions. I felt sad because I didn’t picked up a brush in such a long time, also happy that my inspiration was back and last but not least proud for creating something beautiful…

Well I already did another one, another flower painting, same technique, for a really dear person as a gift. I will show you as soon as I upload photos to my laptop. Stay tuned!!!

Do you guys paint!? How do you keep yourself inspired!? Tell me I really want to know!

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