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Our Orthodox Christmas

 Merry Christmas to all Orthodox christians 

Isn’t this so adorable. When I saw this photo I knew it was perfect. Why!? Well as I mentioned before, I’m a mix girl, my mother is Peruvian (South America) and my father is Serbian (Europe), so she is christian catholic and he is christian orthodox, so in our family we celebrate two Christmases! 🙂 07. January is orthodox Christmas, and that’s is usually family time!!!
First some coffee with my hubby, then lunch with the family and then the presents, yei !

They really know me, so of course they will give me something fury 😉 I would prefer it was something alive, like maybe little fury dog or something but for now I will take a good care of them, he he.

And this if you are wondering what it is, I was puzzled too. You know how some people (like me) like to drink one coffee all day, but they just forget that they even made it and it gets cold, well this is a perfect example how well my family knows me. It’s a USB cup warmer guys, how cool is that, so when I forget my coffee or tea (like always) it’s not going to get ice cold!

USB cup warmer: similar here
Fur boots: similar here


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