aztec print scarf black combat boots bomber jacket carpisa black studded bag olive green leggings OUTFIT

Outfit | Aztec print weekend

outfit, bomber jacket, olive green leggings, aztec print scarf, black combat boots, carpisa black studded bag

Yey for weekend!!!
It’s has been a chaotic week for me, so much stress and on top of it I got sick! So yeah I’m hopping that this weekend will bring me some peace of mind. But I’m not gonna bore you with my crazy life 😉
So being casual is way to go when you just wanna take a walk and clear you mind. It was quite cold, so cozy warm jacket, bit of color with this Aztec print scarf from Tally Weijl and comfy olive green leggings with faux leather trim from Terranova was my choice.
I’m wishing you a lovely weekend!!!

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