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Outfit | Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons

flamingo sweatshirt zaful

How many times did you heard this sentence, I know I did, maybe not in this form but still in same sense. Everyone is telling you don’t be someone else’s copy, be original, stand out from the crowd and when you become brave enough to do just that, they will try to putt you down and crush your dreams. That is a cruel irony of the life, so I dare you to be brave enough and show them all you are a f*** flamingo ?
All that being said, now I can talk about some lighter subject like my casual outfit! This whole look was actually inspired by this FLAMINGO SWEATSHIRT I loved pink and grey combo on it that I wanted my whole look to be like that, and I kinda managed it, well except the boots. Recently I’m buying my clothes in a size bigger that my actual size, I love that oversize look to it. This sweatshirt is in a size M and it fits loose and that’s just the way I prefer it to be. I’m not slouchy just around the house but when I go out too ?
What are your thoughts of this casual cozy winter look!? And are you a pigeon or a flamingo!?

SWEATSHIRT – zaful.com
SWEATPANTS – Terranova
COAT – LightInTheBox.com

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