beer fest belgrade 2014 black cardigan black faux leather shorts black knee high socks black studded clutch cross body bag DIY chain cut boots grey fringe top OUTFIT spring festival inspired look

Outfit | Beer fest ready

Hey guys, my weekend was amazing, hope yours was too! 

We went to Beer Fest in my home town on Saturday and it was our two years wedding anniversary on Sunday, so yeah everything was so much fun! This was my festival look, casual, comfy and warm cause it was bit cold and rainy. I actually didn’t went for all the beer there, well maybe just one or two 😉 we went to listen to some of our favorite bands. Rocking almost all black and styling my DIY fringe top and my DIY chain boots that you can see how to make in this post – diy | chain boots 
Wishing you a fab week and stay tuned for my anniversary post and photos!

beer fest belgrade 2014, grey fringe top, black faux leather shorts, DIY chain cut boots, black knee high socks, spring festival inspired look, black cardigan shawl, cross body bag, black studded clutch


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