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Outfit | Bg vege

outfit, white t-shirt, all white look, white jeans, white jeggings, black combat boots, denim jacket

How are you all lovely friends!? Hope you are having a great week so far!
I had to put that title on this blog post. Most of you don’t know what it actually means 😉 Well Bg stands for my home town Belgrade and vege is as you might thought for vegetarian/vegan! They held a vegetarian/vegan fest in my hometown on Sunday. Since I’m vegetarian for a year now I wanted to see what they had to offer. Honestly it was not anything special and they didn’t offer anything new or something I didn’t know about, but I’m glad they are doing something about it in my country too! They are finally rising awareness about the animal rights!
This was the outfit of the day. I went for all white, white jeggings and white t-shirt but still rocking my combat boots for little added edge 😉
Do they organize fests like that in your country and is it worth going!? 
Talk to you soon…

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