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Outfit | Black velvet dress

black velvet dress

Lets talk about dresses today ? I don’t really wear them that often, it’s not that I don’t like them but I just find it easier to get in a jeans and t-shirt and I’m out the door. Since the spring has actually sprung in my hometown finally I know I’m gonna be styling dresses more often, especially lovely velvet ones…
I’m still layering my clothes on since the sun is on an on/off mode ?but we still get some sunshine. I got this dress in a mail just the other day and I just couldn’t wait to wear it. It’s a BLACK VELVET DRESS and this material is the softest ever, it also comes in many different colors as well and since I loved it so much I got it in PINK also and I’m gonna be styling that one soon I promise. The only thing I do want to mention is that it comes in one size so I would go ahead and purchase it if you are a size XS-M it’s stretchy but not to much if you know what I mean.   
Hope you find this look inspiring for this still chilly spring days… 

Dress: (HERE)
Top: Calliope
Jacket: C&A
Shoes: Converse 

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