blue jogger pants blue mirrored aviator sunglasses OUTFIT sponsored white and blue lace up sandals white lace off shoulder top

Outfit | Blues and lace

Hi there guys! How are you all!?
Hope you liked my previous outfit post HERE cause I’m bringing another one for you! Once again I’m wearing pieces that I ordered from a same online store This time I’m wearing two pieces from them together. 
First one that I wanna mention is this white off shoulder crop top, its’s such a cute girly piece. It’s gonna be so easy to style with other things in my wardrobe when I wanna be extra cute and feminine and what’s more feminine than adding a touch of lace 😉 Top is in a size asian S like the previous one it’s it fits me true to size. This time I styled it with my jogger pants that I recently got from Terranova and I just love white and blue combo, so fresh looking. That’s the reason I added these blue mirrored sunglasses to the mixture. Recently I’m loving the aviator style sunglasses, I have them in black and brown and these blue ones are a perfect addition to my collection, and for $3 I think that’s pretty good deal. 
So guys if you like any of the pieces I got or you’re in a hunt for some new affordable additions to your wardrobe feel free to check them out and happy shopping!!! 😉

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