aviator sunglasses black fringe tassels wedge sandals heels black t-shirt camo print shorts orange necklace OUTFIT

Outfit | Camo, orange, fringes

outfit, camo print shorts, black fringe tassels wedge sandals heels, orange necklace, black t-shirt, aviator sunglasses

Hey you lovely readers! Happy Monday!
For those who are actually reading my posts 🙂 I’m gonna tell you how my Sunday went by! My mum told me to come and cut her hair (yes I’m my mama’s hairstylist) so my sister in law asked me to cut my nieces hair as well, cause they live together and I can do it all at once. I prepared everything and went on a bus station, it’s an hour long trip. As soon as I stepped out the rain started and I didn’t have an umbrella with me, thank god the bus came quickly. Rain was poring all the way there and my mum waited for me on a bus station with an umbrella. When I got there I realized that my sneaker unglued of all the water and my foot was completely wet 🙁 So anyway I did cut their hair and everything and then realized I even cut my finger :/ At that point I realized it was just one of those days when nothing goes your way and you should just go home and sleep it off. That’s exactly what I did went home with my sneakers in a bag, bandage on my finger and my mama’s two sizes bigger boots on my feet 😉
How was your Sunday!? Do you have any stories like this one for me?! 

T-shirt: Terranova | Shorts: Terranova | Necklace: Six | Clutch bag: Parfois | Sandals: Local boutique

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