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Outfit | Camo print dress

camo print dress

Blending in with the nature ? I’m actually big fan of camo print, but don’t really own much stuff in this color combo. I would really want to get my hands on camo print cargo pants, that would probably be my go-to look!
For now I’m a proud owner of this camo print dress that is sadly no longer available on but they do have similar things on the website among other trendy clothes and accessories for you to check out. I did mention them in my previous post Outfit | Sporty weekend and still recommend them to you along with 10% off coupon code “STL10 “. This kind of look is great when you wanna be comfy but still keep it cool…
Do you guys like camouflage print!? What you think of this combo!?

Jacket: (HERE)
Dress: (similar HERE)
Sneakers: Deichmann

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