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Cropped hoodie C’est la vie



C’est la vie (That’s life) or so they say!!! I’m not one of those who takes things in life for granted, I’m always and forever grateful for everyone and everything I have and for every opportunity that comes along my way.
That all being said, I can move on to fun stuff ? like fashion. I do hope you don’t take fashion seriously cause I sure do not, it’s something I love and enjoy and it’s makes me happy to play dress up and follow trends but it does not define who I am and it’s not my number one priority. I know it looks like I’m explaining myself, but sometimes people tend to judge others by only one aspect of their lives not bothering to get to know them for who they are as a person. Do hope some of you agree with me…
I do have more non fashion days than fashionable ones. This was one of those windy fall days that require quite casual attire or precisely sporty casual look for a comfy walk by the river. I wore jeans and CROPPED HOODIE SWEATSHIRT as so many times before cause why not, it’s easy to trow on and you’re out the door. What’s yours go-to look these days?!





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