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Outfit | Co-ord (two piece set)

co-ord two piece outfit matching set

I’ve been obsessed with matching sets/two pieces for years now, well ever since they became a trend. I always try to find different matching sets, like shorts and tops, skirts and tops, pants and tops, and I just love how easy is to trow it on and have an instant outfit, not to mention looking like you made an effort ? and you can always wear them separately with other pieces from your closet.

This time around I’m styling matching pants and crop top. Honestly when I first saw this top I thought the print was lolly pops, oh boy how wrong I was, if you look closely enough you’ll find out that these red and white circles are actually snakes. I still thought it was cool so I did ask the girl who was working there if there is skirt or pants to match the top, and she said they don’t have it ? I wondered around the store for a bit longer and to my surprise I found matching bottom on my own (lucky me). I incorporated some red details (red waist bag and red sunglasses – styled in this post as well – Pool side party – red-lace-up-bikini) to complete the look, and it turned out so cute.

Pants are bit too long on me, since I’m quite petite, and I had to wear highest platform shoes that I own with them. I’m planning on hemming down the pants a bit, but I have to wait until my mum’s leg gets better so she can use a sawing machine ( she is the one that does all the little wardrobe alternations for me). 

So if you are searching for some piece you really wanna add to your wardrobe, don’t give up yet, cause it just might pop up somewhere just for you!!!

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