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Outfit | Corduroy overall dress

corduroy overall dress

How is new year treating you so far!? I do hope you had a great start and that you’ll continue with positive mind no matter what. This feels like I’m cheering myself up, cause I really left hard year behind me and I’m determined not to let this one be the same, at least when it comes to my state of mind.
Enough of being serious cause I’m here to inspire you to always have fun and experiment with your style or at least try out some new trends here and there. Speaking of trends I don’t know if you have noticed but corduroy is back, and it’s everywhere. I’m seeing it all around me, corduroy pants, blazers, overalls… they are all back in trend and I love it. It’s such a great material for cold season and it comes in so many variations of color. So I picked up this CORDUROY OVERALL DRESS in color of the season – red and I couldn’t be happier. The fit is just right and I love this shade of red. Pared it with pink sweater and some combat boots for that girly – edgy contrast. This dress comes in pink and green as well if you are not fan of red, either way it’s so easy to style that you wan’t regret it. 
I encourage you to try out different things when it comes to fashion and to have fan along the way!!!

DRESS – shein.com
SWEATER – zaful.com

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