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Outfit | Denim skirt

shein denim skirt

Sometimes is nice to go back to basics. Yes it’s fun following all the fashion trends, experimenting with your style, trying to keep up with everything fashion industry is presenting, but the most comfortable and easy thing to do for yourself is to back to basics and still look good!

I bet everyone owns some of these pieces in their wardrobe and that there is no introduction needed. Classic white shirt and denim is full proof combo. I did go for DENIM SKIRT in this look but denim shorts or even jeans would look great too. I think denim skirts made a bit of a come back, they are getting popular again. Like with everything in fashion – somehow all trends come and go repeatedly. 

I wanted to mention that I didn’t thought of this whole combo by myself actually. I asked on my social media for one of you guys to choose my next look and this was the one that popped out. I’m really thankful that you suggested looks for me, and this was the one that represented my style the best. Maybe next time I’ll go out of my comfort zone and choose something completely different ?

SHIRT – Pull&Bear
SNEAKERS – Converse

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