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Outfit | Denim

outfit, skinny jeans with ripped knees, alice t-shirt, oversized denim shirt, tally weijl boots, chloe ankle boots

Hey guys! Happy beginning of the July!!!
I’m just waiting for this weather to get summery again 😉 It’s kinda annoying!!! I don’t even know how to dress properly when I go out, I have to bring a jacket or something always just in case. Well I’m one of those who would rather be warm then cold, it’s easier for me to bring something extra then to be cold and don’t have anything to cover up. Are you guys like that also!? 😉 This time it’s ripped denim jeans and denim shirt tied around the waist, kinda denim on denim look. I feel like this t-shirt and boots make the whole look bit edgy but I was just feeling it…
Enjoy, talk to you on Friday!!!

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