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Outfit | EDC by Esprit jeans

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Well hello there loves! How are you all!?
Hope you’re all well! Really appreciate you liking my previous post HERE where I talk about new piece in my wardrobe from site called Alice’s pig. This time I wanna talk about my flared jeans 😉 These babies are such an exiting piece to have in my closet. They are actually thrifted and by the brand Esprit. But what is most exiting about them is the fact that I got them for only $1 on sale, whaaaat!? Yes guys can you even imagine that steal. I didn’t even tried them on in store, just brought them home. As you can see they fit like a globe! The only thing I did are those rips on the knees, I just felt that would make them more trendy and more me 🙂 
What do you guys think about these jeans!? Do you get exited as well when you find such an amazing trendy piece that fits you perfectly in a thrift store!?

Jeans: Esprit | Top: Terranova | Boots: Tally Weijl | Backpack: Terranova

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