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Outfit | Friday whites

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Happy Friday guys!
Hope your week was fun!
As you can see I’m still in my chill out mood 😉 being casual and relaxed. Again in my new comfy sandals and shirt tied around the waist. I can safely say this was my go-to look this week! I just went for a white option this time. Yeah I’m on repeater 😉 ha ha ha. Well my daily wear usually depends on my mood, and these were the things I gravitated towards this week. Hope you don’t mind a similar scenario. If you wonder why the serious face 😉 I have no idea, I was talking to my mom actually. 
I was planning a little beauty post for the weekend but will see how that turns out, cause I know I got planned seeing my friends for the weekend that I haven’t seen in a while now. 
I leave you with these images!
Talk to you soon, have a safe weekend!!! xo

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