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Outfit | Gingham and red

gingham print romper

I feel like this particular trend doesn’t even need introduction. It’s everywhere and anywhere, and I bet you all have seen it in some form of clothing or accessories and it’s – Gingham print!!! I don’t know what it is, maybe because it just looks so simple and classy, but I love it. 
Following the trend I got me some  GINGHAM PRINT ROMPER ! First I love rompers they are so easy to trow on and be out the door, second it has ruffle details on the bottom that is another one of the latest trends and last but not least it’s in black gingham print. So what more could I asked for in one piece of clothing… and for those who love more color it also comes in red!!! 
Speaking of red, as you can see I accessorized with red details. I just love how this simple print goes with bright red color, it accentuates the print even more which I like. Since I don’t wear red that often this was a great opportunity for me to rock it.
What are your thoughts of this trend/print and of this look!?

Romper – 
Shoes – Daichmann
Sunglasses – hubbies ?

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