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Outfit | Greek nights (part 3)

off shoulder top, floral print pants, red lips

I have noticed that when ever I’m on a vacation I tend to wear things I usually don’t wear at home or I rarely do. Not talking about this outfit in particular but now looking back at all the stuff I wore, I’m like I wouldn’t wear that combo here 😉 does that happen to you guys!? There is one thing on these photos that I actually rarely wear at home – red lipstick. My hubby loves it, but I just feel uncomfortable wearing it, it just has to be some special occasion or I just end up feeling overdressed and I don’t like that feeling. This evening I was in a mood for all red and white (accept the shoes) and I think it end up being pretty chic 🙂 he he. Talking about the shoes, I didn’t bring along with me to many pars so I know I’m on a repeat, it is what it is… just another Greek night.

Top: Terranova | Shoes: Bershka | Pants: Republic

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